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Hi I 'm Carrie

Started from a humble beginning, Carrie was a former primary school teacher for 4 years after graduated from college. She loves education and help people. Her dream is to be a global speaker and impact millions of lives, but she doesn’t know how to make it happen at that moment.

After she quit her job as primary school teacher, she has been involved in music industry, digital marketing industry & in consulting industry. From a background as a global business strategist and trainer for over 5 years, Carrie turned a broke company into a multi-million-dollar revenue generating business in one year, trained 21 seven figure earners around the world, and helped clients in scaling their business effectively. Her genius also helped clients manifest their dream homes, businesses, relationships, jobs, etc. She also helps high net worth individuals to find their own genius wealth creation.

Carrie is a global speaker, author, business strategist and breakthrough coach. She trained over 18,000 entrepreneurs and professionals around the world, with 21 seven-figure earners.

Carrie joyfully helps her clients, mentees & students to see their dreams come true in a timely fashion. People call Carrie “Millionaire Mentor”.

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